Brandy Norwood (left) and her mother, Sonya, attend this weekend's brunch in Beverly Hills.
Kathy Hutchins/Courtesy of Noot Inc

Food and beverage brand Zesa Raw Trading Post was the sponsor partner for a recent brunch honoring the dedication of celebrity mothers, while also using the star-powered occasion to draw attention to the mothers in Haiti who produce the company's coffee and sugar products.


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Cars Travel Food – Pre-Grammy Event Honoring Moms

Stars were treated to Zesa Raw Haitian coffee and Rapadou Cane sugar truffles at the pre-Grammy event honoring moms. International Grammy award winning Pop-star Brandy Norwood and her mother Sonja were one of the stars to experience Zesa Raw.

Zesa Raw supports the empowerment of women through equal pay and other practices. Zesa Raw Haitian coffee is 100% hand-sorted by women and naturally grown.