Stéphan Jean-Pierre

Agronomist Coffee Expert, Coffee Enthusiast and catalyst of Haitian Bleu™

Stéphan was born and raised in Haiti and cultivating coffee has been a large part of his heritage. His grandfather was a coffee farmer and from his hard work and reputation of cultivating superior coffee, he was able to send Stéphan’s father to medical school. Stéphan is an agronomist business developer by training. Stéphan has been around coffee for 40 years and has more than 15 years professional experience in the coffee industry. He’s best known for providing technical assistance to farmers association as well as private and public institutions. He managed the Fédération des Associations Caféières Natives (FACN), representing over 25,000 Haitian coffee growers.


 He was instrumental in restructuring the federation, improving the quality of their flagship coffee Haitian Bleu. As a coffee sector specialist for the Hillside Agriculture Program (HAP), he redefined and implemented a coffee strategy and new business model based on close agribusiness cooperation with coffee growers associations. He has participated in the creation of the Haitian National Coffee Institute and is a founding member of the Haitian Canadian Chamber of Commerce and of the Organic Agriculture Chamber of Commerce. Mr. Jean-Pierre received his B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a Masters in Business Administration from HEC Montreal.