Zesa Raw was created out of a continuing commitment to the agricultural production of sustainable crops by small-scale farmers, thereby improving the quality of life in rural farming areas of the Caribbean and the Latin America basin.

Our products are of the highest quality, and meet or exceed organic standards and practices. Zesa Raw only supports small-scale farmers, since our company is dedicated to their financial health and well-being.

 As Zesa Raw Trading Post, LLC, we promise:

•      To buy & sell only Direct Trade goods and pay small-scale farmers a premium

•      To offer only the highest quality sugar, coffee and other products

•      To provide products at fair market price to the consumer

 We also pledge to support the empowerment of women through equal pay and other practices. We support the tenets of the United Nations Population Fund, which promotes the following belief: “Empowered women contribute to the health and productivity of whole families and communities and to improved prospects for the next generation.” (www.unfpa.org/gender/)


Environmentally Responsible, Socially Conscious

Zesa Raw is committed to what might be termed ‘agricultural honesty’ – a belief that raw, rich tropical crops should remain pure and natural, simple and raw. We source only the highest quality of sugar, coffee and cacao from the Caribbean and Latin America - in the belief that good health and great taste should never be compromised.

We also believe in economic opportunity for small-scale farmers. Our Rapadou Cane Sugar, Haitian Bleu and Black Gold Organic are classified as Direct Trade, which means we adhere to fair trade practices.  Our partner mills work directly with farmers, ensuring that our farmer suppliers earn a fair and competitive price for their crops.

The result

•     Economic growth and financial stability for small-scale growers for generations to come

•     Environmental sustainability in at-risk areas of the world, through the use of organic farming practices

•    Preservation of the economy and well-being of local farming communities and well- being of local farming communities