Peter Hansson

Brand strategist and environmentalist supporter

Peter came to NYC in 1992 to pursue his career as an art director for well renowned brands, which resulted in several successful product launches and developments, particularly in the fashion and design industry. Peter is known as the “right hand” of Calvin Klein when he joined the corporate team in 1995, to lead implementation of worldwide Calvin Klein branding, advertising and collateral. Since 2003, he has focused on developing special projects and has provided creative direction for many worldwide renowned brands, including the GAP, Tiffany & Co. and Nike. Since 2009 he lives in Europe where he has continued brand visions and launched a men’s clothing label, published art books and continues art direction for many projects, among others a high end restaurant guide (eq. Zagat, Guide Michelin et al.) in Scandinavia that through several of editions features over 1,000 restaurants and cafés in the Nordic countries. Peter and Michelle met 1997 and has been great friends and collaborated on many projects ever since.