a team of social entrepreneurs committed to agricultural honesty and that raw, rich tropical crops should remain pure, natural, simple and raw. It is better for our health and our environment.

We source sustainable Arabica Haitian coffee & Costa Rican cane sugar from small scale farmers of the highest quality - in the belief that good health and great taste should never be compromised. 

Michelle Jean

Founder & CEO

Michelle is the great grand-daughter from two families that built a thriving agricultural industry in Haiti. She continues a family legacy from 1860 of high quality Haitian coffee & cane sugar....



Katia Brézault

Co-Founder & CFO, Haiti

Katia is passionate about the economic and social development of Haiti. Through her leadership and dedication to Zesa Raw-Haiti an innovative agricultural sector has been created.


Peter Hansson

Brand strategist and environmentalist supporter

Peter came to NYC in 1992 to pursue his career as an art director for well renowned brands, which resulted in several successful product launches and developments, particularly in the fashion and design industry....



  Andrew Clifford Colas Scott

Director of Client Relations, Caribbean

Andrew Clifford (Cliff) was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. His grand-father Hermann Colas, a successful businessman known for his hard work and creating the first white Rhum that received the highest globally recognized accolades in the spirit industry.


Marie-Josée Garnier

Consultant & Leading Economist

Former Minister of Commerce and Industry of Haiti. Marie-Josée Garnier has more than thirty (30) years of experience in Economics and Development Management. She gained her first experience in....



Clifton M. Turner

Brand Ambassador, Global Hospitality Guru & Buddhist Thinker

Clifton M. Turner is a global hospitality veteran regarded as the consummate hospitality guru and Buddhist thinker. He was born and raised in Singapore; his talents awarded him a full Scholarship from BAT and the British....  


Dr. Caryn J. Theiner

Brand Ambassador & Health Advisor

Dr. Theiner is regarded for her caring bedside manner and committed to preventative care and a wholistic mind-body approach to the well being of her patients. She is fluent in French, Creole and working knowledge of Spanish. She volunteers in Haiti....



Our Beginning

 The Zesa Raw story began in the West Indies over a century and a half ago, when the Romain and Jean families made their name cultivating the highest quality sugar cane, coffee and cocoa.Today, the tradition of sustainable agriculture continues thanks to the commitment of their great-great-grand daughter and her socially-conscious, entrepreneurial friends.

Haiti, circa early 1800's downtown trading Port Haiti, circa early 1800's, the making of the Romain family cane sugar industry.

Haiti, circa early 1800's downtown trading Port Haiti, circa early 1800's, the making of the Romain family cane sugar industry.